It's not possible to communicate without video anymore

of the digital content consumed is video content ! Nobody read text anymore.
brands who use video are 65% more effective at communicating with and retaining customers than those who don’t
of consumers have been convinced to purchase a product after watching a video

* source :, Report: “The state of video Marketing”,

YuzzitPro can empower anyone in your team to make video
Easy to use

Anyone in your team can create a video within 30 minutes.

No experience in video making required, reduction of costs by 10

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YuzzitPro can create multi screen video
Make your place

Make a bigger splash on socials and on the web.

Increase your video production and the number of posts by 10.

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YuzzitPro store all your video files in one place
Better process

Gather all the stakeholders in the video process in one tool.

No more videos shared internally with email or we transfer, no more unwieldy internal process

Customize your clips

  • Video format: landscape, square, portrait
  • Multi pre-rolls, post-rolls
  • Multilayers
  • Generate sub-titles with our multi-lingual speech to text

Multiplatform publishing



  • Publish your clip to your favorite CMS, video or social platform including facebook, youtube, twitch, twitter, instagram, brightcove
  • Schedule your posts at a later time
  • Twitter Amplify
  • Geoblocking
  • Unpublish in 1 click

anything, anywhere at anytime

Multimedia Library

  • Centralize and archive all your content (video, image, GIF)
  • Import any external sources
  • Multi-data search
  • Manage all your publications in one place

Process automation

  • Apply preset editing templates to your clips
  • Share them to preset social platforms automatically
  • Ensure to be first to publish the best video clips

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Success stories

Don't just trust us, see what we have done for the others and then try it by yourself.
“Our aim is to keep TV quality and adapt it for digital devices. We think YuzzitPro perfectly fits into this strategy”
Succes stories
« We discovered the YuzzitPro solution just when we wanted to increase our presence on the social networks with gifs and short videos»
Succes stories
«In the past, it took 30 to 40 minutes to select a video and export it to Facebook. Now we only need 10 to 15 seconds »
Succes stories
Videos created
Satisfied clients
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